Kellun Turner – English Teacher

It is my pleasure to recommend SIF (Spanish is Fun language school) to all who are interested in efficiently learning or improving their fluency in Spanish. I am a retired English language teacher and participate in a 90-minute weekly advanced Spanish class that reviews grammar and pronunciation, provides conversation opportunities, and challenges us to read great works of Spanish literature. We students converse about everyday life, travels, the news — totally in Spanish — knowing that our teacher will correct our grammar and pronunciation as well as fully interact with us. We often use workbooks to review important grammar points. We come to class with written summaries of assigned literary sections in order to practice writing in another language. These experiences have been invaluable to me and have enabled me to reach a level in which I am very comfortable speaking with all kinds of people whose native tongue is Spanish. 

And did I mention that it is FUN to be in class? It’s a friendly environment graced with a teacher who genuinely cares about sharing this language and encourages its practice and study. 

I am so happy to be a student at SIF – Spanish is Fun language school!