High quality, competitive prices

SIF Language School understands that compliance-intensive companies face strict regulatory requirements and high quality standards. That’s why SIF translators and managers are thoroughly tested for accuracy, cultural awareness, and knowledge of client-specific and industry-specific terminology.

  • This demanding confirmation ensures that linguists:
  • Are professional translators, editors, transcribers, and proofreaders.
  • Work in their native language.
  • Possess significant experience in their field(s) of specialization.
  • Pass a rigorous screening and assessment process.
  • Regularly receive feedback on the quality of their work.

SIF has a Client Relations/Quality Control department to better listen to you and to continue offering the highest level of service throughout the SIF compliance process.

Companies in regulated industries cannot risk having vague or inaccurate translations, which can jeopardize their business. SIF employs a rigorous three-step process to ensure the quality of all your final deliverables.


Our translation managers oversee project terminology and language databases. Language standards, glossaries, and other instructions are issued to each translator. A field-specialized proofreader proofreads all translations and any necessary edits are implemented prior to delivery to our clients. Proofreading includes ensuring that any reference material supplied has been consulted, terminology has been used consistently, and all file-formatting requirements have been adhered to.

Referrals supplied upon request.