Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


All of our teachers are trained in BPL®, our proprietary system. Each student is very important to us. We take the time to get to know them as individuals, so we can personalize teacher/student interaction.
All our teachers are trained in the BPL® system and are experienced university-educated native Spanish speakers.
We have some of the smallest classes in the industry, with a maximum of 6 students. By maintaining small class size, we believe each student has more time to speak and reinforce verbal memory.
If you have studied Spanish before, we will test your oral communication ability over the phone. Then we will suggest that you join a group in one of the five levels we offer, from Beginner 1 through Advanced.
The method (BPL), teachers, and materials are the same in online classes.
For a successful learning experience, we recommend that you buy the level-appropriate eBook.


No, like most language schools around the world, new classes are always beginning as needed.
Weekly 90-minute classes are sold in 10-week packages. Classes must be used in consecutive weeks. It’s unlikely that you’ll complete a level with one package. Private classes are sold in 6-week packages.
Snowy winter days can cause disruptions. Fortunately, Zoom has made it easy to hold classes online. In case of snow, ALL classes will become virtual. There are no exceptions.
We usually hold group classes in the morning or after 5 pm.
It’s best to take a break between levels, rather than between 10-week packages. If you take a break between 10-week packages, we can’t guarantee you’ll still be in the same group when you continue. Students who need to miss an occasional class do their best to catch up during the following class.
Not necessarily. You will advance to a higher level when you have completed all the material in a given level and receive your completion certificate for that level.
Our priority is to develop conversation skills at your level in all of our classes.


No, like most language schools around the world, new classes are always beginning as needed.
The schedule is flexible. Private classes are also more customized; you can focus on industry-specific vocabulary, for instance, prepare for an upcoming test, or study to meet a deadline. Also, in a private class there is more time for you to develop communications skills.
Private classes can be scheduled anytime that is convenient for the teacher and student.
Private classes are purchased in 6-class packages.


Yes, family or children’s classes are designed for no more than 3 people from the same family. If there are adults and children in the same class, keep in mind that the class will be taught at the child’s level. For family classes children must be at least 3 ½ years old. It’s best if children are close in age.
Yes, depending on the location of your home, a children’s tutor can come to your home.