Testimonials Mega Class

“Great job! Good energy and involvement and interaction.”

– Matt Stacker / Premier Roofing Cia.

“I enjoyed the repetition and practice one on one. Also liked having multiple teachers that bounced the ideas back and for and the teaching.”

– Marilee Rose / Premier Roofing Cia.

“I really enjoyed this class and I am going to use and practice new words.”

– Ana Krimlyan / Kaiser Permanente

“Thank you for your time! I learned new information as well as refresh some of my current knowledge of Spanish. My hope is to continue learning !Muchas gracias!”

– Jessica Martinez / Kaiser Permanente

“All teachers were very friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable.”

– Trever Burton / Premiere Roodin Cia.

“It was good for someone who never took any Spanish in School.”

– Frankie Loschike / Premiere Roodin Cia.

“I love this class and I try to continue to come so I can always learn and develop my skills.”

– Melissa Rapier / Kaiser Permanente

“Great job! learned lots in a short period of time. Thanks!”

– Tawny Gates / Kaiser Permanente