Spanish for Children


We have the best interactive Spanish classes in Denver! Children are motivated and grow in self-confidence as they learn to speak and understand Spanish. Best of all, they are having fun!.

We have been working with Colorado children since 2000. With us, the education of your children is in professional hands.
All we do is teach Spanish; we are experts!

All our classes are taught using our unique BPL® system, incorporating the latest discoveries in the field of brain science. With BPL®, language learning is easier and more intuitive.


There are distinct advantages to learning a foreign language at an early age. Childhood is an optimal time because the child’s brain is taking in new information constantly; it’s a learning machine. Children don’t have the responsibilities and stress adults have, so they have more mental space for learning. The bilingual child will perform better in other subjects, too.

  • Private classes
  • Family classes
  • Create-Your-Own-Group classes
  • Spanish Summer Camps
  • Spanish Enrichment Programs
  • Tutoring

  • Our highly trained, experienced teachers use our exclusive methodology, the Brain Path Language® (BPL®) teaching system.
  • Children learn by listening and imitating, so our curriculum teaches vocabulary and pronunciation from internationally recognized.
  • Spanish, not colloquial or regional dialects.
  • Enrollment is limited to allow for maximum interaction, correction, and communication for each student.
  • We teach every level, from beginning to advanced, based on the speaking ability of the student.

Beginner I

Exercise your brain!
First things first! Learn HOW to learn the language with our new learning methodology, Brain Path Language® System (BPL®). Explore how the brain works and how new neural pathways begin to be formed to acquire and store the new language. Start to exercise your brain today as you create new pathways. You will learn vocabulary phrases while you begin to construct sentences.

Beginner II

Practice what you’ve learned!
Wiring your brain to new learning requires practice. Continue to construct conversations as you learn more about BPL®. Make introductions, express feelings, ask questions and hold a basic conversation about everyday situations. Grow your vocabulary and acquire over 1,000 words, 50 present tense verbs, and the basic tools of grammar to construct sentences. Talk about leisure activities, the weather and emergencies.

Intermediate I

Stimulate your senses!
Sensory integration is key to brain development. Using all of your senses while learning a new language will help you retain and access new information so that it becomes automatic and natural. Develop a greater attention span and focus on the Hispanic culture as you participate in more complex conversations, read reports, letters and speak your mind!

Intermediate II

Express yourself with confidence!
Short-term memory develops into long-term memory, enhancing your confidence in speaking a new language. Now you can express your opinions and ideas without using English! Make short summaries of readings, tell stories, discuss various topics, read/discuss a short book, and more!

Advanced I

Expand your learning!
Your curiosity is sharpened and expanded in a new way. You’ll feel excited and confident at your progress as you advance to new levels. Receive a complete review of grammar usage & communication; learn more about the culture/history/geography of the countries in the Spanish-speaking world. Works of Spanish literature are introduced.

Advanced II

Life-Long Learning!
Recent scientific findings of neuroplasticity show that your brain can create new connections at any age! You become a natural explorer and your spectrum of language experiences broadens even more. You will express yourself with expanded fluency and sophistication. Converse with your class about current events, write about general topics, make presentations in Spanish, participate in social/career related activities and read/write/discuss South American literature. Become part of our Spanish club as a path to life-long learning!.

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