BPL Method

Our Brain Path Language® system, or BPL®, is a revolutionary teaching system.

Why does the Brain Path Language’ system make language learning easier and more enjoyable?. The answer has to do with how our brain processes information. Learning a language involves the skills of talking, hearing, reading, and writing; all actions that are developed in different parts of the brain. BPL® develop all these skills, and connects the cerebral learning centers. When we guide you to understand your own brain processes you become motivated to work toward your goals.

These are the seven learning keys of BPL®:

Think of learning as creating new neural paths. Exercise is the intentional stimulation of the neural pathways in your brain involved in the language learning process. This exercise is what happens in the SIF classroom with the BPL® system.
Wiring means integrating the different learning centers in your brain. It is the electrical activity that connects, for example, the speaking area to the hearing area. In other words, what fires together, wires together. BPL® is the way to make this happen.
Sensory Integration involves using the senses to strengthen and expand neural activity. For example, think about what happens when you hear your favorite song or taste chocolate. BPL® harnesses this brain activity to help you retain your new language.
At SIF we understand that the average attention span is only 10 minutes. So our BPL® system is designed to capture and retain your interest with focused learning, thereby maximizing your concentration capacity.
Science has proven that our brains are always changing; they never lose their plasticity, no matter your age. It’s always possible to forge new neural pathways and our BPL® system guides you through this process.
It stands to reason that learning requires a great deal of repetition. Our teachers will apply BPL® techniques that will ensure that short term memory becomes “hard-wired” into long term memory.
The more curious we are, the more we learn and retain the language. Curiosity about the language includes traveling, trying new foods, finding friends that speak Spanish, attending events that relate to the Spanish language. In SIF language school, we help students accomplish this learning key with our international immersions and our local One Day Immersions where we combine the culture with the language increasing your knowledge about the Hispanic world. Our monthly Newsletter also has tips and recommendations for expanding your language ability and your cultural awareness.