Max Edwards – Communication Engineer

I’ve been taking private classes for 6 months and I’m really enjoying my experience with SIF Language school. My teacher is awesome! She’s really cool and she makes class fun, it’s something I look forward to in my week (which wasn’t the case when I was learning Spanish in high school). I think the approach and the materials are really good and are geared towards everyday things that matter and are relevant. I’m pretty self-critical about my progress with learning new things and skills, but even I can see how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come in less than a year.

100% recommend this school to anyone looking to learn Spanish, couldn’t be happier with my teacher and classes and the admin staff. Everyone at SIF is awesome, keep up the incredible work!

William Welch – Scientific D.U.

In the 18 months that I have been learning Spanish at SIF language school, I have acquired more with regards to both knowledge and functionality than I thought would be possible as an adult learning a new language. Having started with zero experience, I am now able to read practically anything within my vocabulary range, which is constantly expanding, and I can generally find ways to verbally express what I am thinking in Spanish. I am also beginning to understand a lot of what people in my community are saying, which is both encouraging and exciting. I now have a solid foundation from which I can expand in directions of my choosing. I can say, wholeheartedly, that the program at SIF has worked well for me.

Mike Gallagher – Lawyer

I came to SIF Language School with no prior training in Spanish. I just returned from a vacation in a Spanish-speaking country, and after only three months of lessons I knew enough vocabulary and grammar to be polite and to have simple conversations in Spanish. My new skills greatly enhanced my vacation. My teachers have been terrific, and the classes are fun. I recommend SIF Language School to anyone who wants to develop language skills quickly in a fun, supportive environment.

Myriam – Nurse

I signed up my daughter age 6 with Enforex Spanish Summer Camp in Barcelona
this summer.

This was her second trip, compared to last year she understood more and
expanded her vocabulary.

Enforex offers a good summer camp, Including learning Spanish, a variety of
activities and field trips.

The students learn how to be independent and to be good listeners.

The program is run by native speaking professionals who are well trained and
caring individuals.

They always look after the students and their needs.

I hope my daughter can attend the camp as often as possible.

We are grateful to the director of the school of Spanish is fun language in Denver Mrs. Silvia Velez.

With sincere thanks,

Teri Pinney – Teacher

I studied abroad in both Colombia and Mexico using programs that SIF organized for me.  In both cases the local schools and their staff were excellent.  I also stayed with families in both locations – what fabulous people! My Spanish has improved dramatically because of these experiences. 

Today I continue taking classes at SIF Language School.

Maryam Parizzi

 “My daughter and I both have taken classes” Maryam Parizzi had private classes while her daughter went to Summer Camp in Barcelona.

I have to admit that I was very nervous before the trip since I was going with my daughter, a 5 year old child, to a Spanish Summer Camp in Barcelona /Spain for six weeks. The camp was a great experience for both of us. It was run by professionals; the rooms were clean and the camp location was in a nice hilly area very close to the metro and bus station. The camp was under surveillance 24/7 so we certainly felt safe. There were many fun activities, excursions and field trips. My daughter learned a lot of Spanish. I hope we can return to the Summer camp next year.

Michelle McMoon – Doctor PHD

Learning Spanish is fun has taught has brought my language skills to the next level. Through their technique of brain path language, I have been able to develop my skills in Spanish and it has enabled me to talk with people with whom I work, and socially. As a Faculty member at the University of Colorado, practicing in critical care medicine, it is my goal to become fluent in Spanish, to better discuss patient care issues and status with families, in real time.

With my busy schedule at the hospital, Learning Spanish is Fun coordinates with my classes that meet my needs and places me in groups or private classes that meet the level of conversational Spanish that challenges me to learn.

My goal is to become fluent and I know that through Silvia and her team of skilled instructors, Learning Spanish is Fun will enable me to achieve this goal.

Sue Moore – Business Owner

I highly recommend SIF Language School for learning Spanish at any level. Silvia Velez has developed a multi-faceted learning system that makes the process easy and enjoyable.

I had been studying Spanish off and on for several years I started studying at SIF Language School, but was always frustrated with the lack of advanced classes where I could improve and be challenged. SIF not only had advanced Spanish speakers, but also offered immersion opportunities where I could delve deeper into Latin American culture and politics.

I have taken private lessons, group classes and immersion workshops with SIF and have also booked week-long immersion trips to Spain, Chile, Colombia and Peru (April 2015) with SIF’s affiliated schools. All of these experiences have enhanced my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, as well as Latin American history and politics.

My current group class has over time morphed into a something of a book club. In addition to our grammar lessons, we read and summarize books written by famous Latino authors: Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Mario Vargas Llosa, Juan Rulfo and Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, among others. We not only discuss plot and character development, but also the historical context of the stories we read. We meet weekly for 1 1/2 hours, and often linger past the end of class to discuss different storyline theories and character traits.

Lee Patton – Write

I’m enjoying Spanish class at SIF Language School and feel like I’ve advanced in my Spanish learning, especially through the opportunity to have wide ranging, well-corrected conversations in Spanish, whether guided or spontaneous. Teachers are vivacious, relaxed and fun, but serious about correct Spanish usage and knowledgeable about the complications of vocabulary. Teachers are also aware of cultural distinctions and know how to elicit participation from everyone. As a writer and literature teacher, I appreciate when people love words and stories, and SIF Language School (Spanish Is Fun) gives us these opportunities.