Cancellation and Payment Policies

SIF Language School , LLC (Spanish is Fun,LLC) Policies

1) Payments are due the first day of the new set of classes (6). If the payment is late, a $20.00 late fee will be charged.
2) Cancellation of a class
(a)   In the event of an emergency and you need to cancel a class, please notify the SIF Language School , LLC (Spanish is Fun, LLC) office as soon as possible after the emergency and prior to the scheduled class time. Text at 720 366 5694 with cancelation message or call at (303) 200-0622. If you are unable to speak with a staff person, leave a message. The message should include your name, the date and time of the message, and the nature of the emergency, and the time of the class that you cannot attend. When a class is cancelled in this way based upon an emergency, you may make it up subject to SIF Language School staff availability.
(b)   Except for emergency cancellation, if you cancel a class 48 or more consecutive hours in advance of the class date and time, the class can be rescheduled; provided, however, you may make-up only one cancelled class and the make-up class must be within the calendar month in which it was scheduled, subject to SIF Language School staff availability.
(c)   Except for emergency cancellation, if you cancel a class with less than 48 consecutive hours from the scheduled date and time, or do not attend a scheduled class, the fee for the class will not be refunded and you cannot make-up or reschedule the class.
3)   Vacation/Discontinuing taking classes. If you will not be attending a scheduled class due to your vacation or because you will discontinue attending classes, please notify SIF Language School at 3032000622, write to us at or send a text message at 7203665694.  You should do this no later than 15 consecutive days prior to the date of the scheduled class you will not attend because of your vacation or the first scheduled class of the classes that will you no longer attend. If you do not so notify SIF Language School you will be charged and liable for payment for two classes at the class rate applicable to the class.
4) Other than for cancellation per 2(a) and (b), you will not be entitled to make-up a missed class at no charge – a fee will apply to it at the then-applicable rate and make-up will be subject to SIF Language School staff availability.

General Cancellation Policy

Spanish is Fun (“SIF Language School”)  reserves the right to cancel a class and or class period without any liability or obligations whatsoever to anyone if, in its sole discretion, it believes enrollment is insufficient for the class or class period or for any other reason. In the event of cancellation, SIF Language School will refund all refundable deposits and tuition fees therefore paid to it.

An annual $60 registration fee applies to all classes, unless expressly otherwise noted in information about classes in SIF Language School promotional literature. The fee does not apply to special workshops or immersion programs unless otherwise indicated in information about such activities.  Anyone who discontinues enrollment in a SIF Language School class or class period for a period of two consecutive months and thereafter re-enrolls in a class or class period, will be charged a $60 registration fee that will be applicable to the re-enrollment.

If you have questions about these policies, or otherwise, contact Silvia C. Velez, Director of SIF Language School. No person except Ms.Velez has authority to make any binding commitment by or agree to any obligation whatsoever of SIF Language school or its staff.

Release: I hereby grant to SIF Language School the non-exclusive right to take photographs of me and or my child(ren) in connection with any SIF Language School  class or event, free and clear of all claims by me or anyone else, as well as the right (a) to use my and or my children’s/child’s name, image, likeness, and biographical information about me and or my child(ren) for lawful purposes, in whole or in part or in composite, in connection with and or to advertise and promote the activities and business of SIF Language School in all mediums of expressions now or hereafter known or developed ; (b) to edit, adapt, alter, abridge, condense, and or combine such photographs with other photographs and material by any means or methods now or hereafter known or developed; as well as to (c) claim and possess all right, title, and interest in and to the photographs and other material, including copyright therefor SIF Language School may authorize others to exercise such rights.

Non solicitation policy

I represent and warrant that, whether individually or through another person, I will not, directly or indirectly, solicit, induce, recruit, encourage or otherwise endeavor to cause or attempt to cause any SIF Language School employee, contractor, instructor, teacher, or consultant to terminate their relationship with SIF Language School or to provide Spanish language instruction and or translation services directly to or for me or to or for any member of my family or any my acquaintances rather than through the services of SIF Language School, without SIF Langue School’s prior written consent. In the event that I breach the foregoing, SIF Language School shall thereafter have the right to immediately cease providing services to me and, in such case, I shall forfeit all unapplied fees paid to SIF Language School at that time and or the sum of $500 additionally, in SIF Language School’s sole discretion.

Parent/Guardian Consent and Approval

I represent and warrant that I am over the age of eighteen years and the parent or legal guardian of and have the legal capacity, requisite authority, and right to contract for the individual whose name appears below.  I have read and fully understand the meaning of these policies. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which I hereby acknowledge, for and on behalf of the aforesaid individual and myself, I hereby consent to and approve the terms and conditions of the above policies and I acknowledge they will be binding upon me and the aforesaid individual, jointly and severally.