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To recive CLEs and/or ETHICS CREDIT for video presentations see below:

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According to your areas of interest you can buy all of our videos as a set (8 videos) or only the individual videos as you need.

Introduction to Spanish Legal Terminology

Similarities and Differences: A review of the terms used in proceedings from arraignments, motions, pleas, depositions, and trials, and the equivalents used in different Latinamerican countries.

Interpreter Ethics

The Spanish vowels that native English speakers struggle with, the misunderstandings that result from the use of false cognates, and the unusual and multiple changes in Spanish verb tenses challenge even the most experienced speaker of Spanish as a second language.

Ethical Protocols and Parameters for Language Interpreters and Attorneys

A review of the Interpreter Code of Ethics published by the Colorado Association of Professional Interpreters and posted on the Colorado State Judicial Branch website. What an attorney needs to be aware of in case of a violation.

Importance of Interpreter Testing and Certification

What lawyers need to know (and why many don’t) about the interpreters they hire or who work on their cases. Learn about interpreter exams how the process of certification process works. What does the interpreter certification exam test for? How does interpreter certification vary from state to state? How can you determine whether a particular interpreter is certified? Does interpreter certification expire?

Monitoring Spanish Interpreter Performance and Compliance

What to do if your interpreter does not render a complete version of what your client has said? Learn the difference between the source language and target language. Should you have another interpreter monitor an important hearing to ensure accuracy? How does an interpreter correct an error on the record? How can interpreter errors impact your case? What is the process of filing a complaint against an interpreter?

Real Life Situations and Dilemmas

Learning from our mistakes. The presenter will ask the participants to describe a situation, in writing, which they have experienced with an interpreter in the past. They should be prepared to discuss with others in the live segment of the workshop how that situation or dilemma impacted their case and how it could have been resolved differently.

Extensive Q & A and Interaction with Presenter and between Participants

Participants will connect through email to receive vocabulary and Power-Point materials, review them, and take written notes in order to participate in Q &A by email prior to the live session. Segments 7 & 8 are required for a total of 4 contact hours

Online video participants will access materials and participate in Q & A by email

For licensed attorneys who wish to receive 5 CLEs and .6 Ethics Credit in Colorado the live session extensive Q &A and Interaction with the Presenter and between Participants.

Is mandatory and involves live interaction with the Presenter and between the participants in order to review all concepts presented in the Bilingual Legal Spanish Video Workshop.

Jack Mudry, the instructor of our Spanish Legal Terminology Workshop is a freelance Spanish/English interpreter in the Colorado Courts. He is certified by the Federal Courts and has 32 years of experience. Mr. Mudry has a B.A. in Spanish and Political Science plus Masters Degree level coursework in International Relations, and prior experience as a teacher of both Spanish and English as a Second Language.

Video Course

Jack Mudry one of the most experienced certified federal interpreters.


Attorneys licensed in Colorado receive 5 general CLE credits and 1.5 Ethics credit for completing the Spanish Legal Terminology workshop. Other participants, including legal secretaries, paralegals and investigators, can receive a certificate of completion which may be utilized to apply to a Colorado institution of higher education for CEUs (Continuing Education Credits). Attorneys from other states in the US can send their certificate of completion and the course description to the Bar Association or Supreme Court committee charged with monitoring attorney compliance in their respective states in order to request professional credits. That decision is ultimately determined by each individual state or Bar Association.

If you want to receive the certificates for our online Legal Terminology workshop, please contact SIF Language School at the email This course has different times and requirements in order to receive the certificate.


The Spanish Legal Terminology Workshop is a Certificate Program that will prepare legal professionals to communicate clearly and effectively with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients. The virtual workshop is a 4-hour session taught in Spanish and English and depending upon the level of proficiency of the participants, can include vocabulary from a variety of legal areas and may also touch on cultural matters which impact legal concepts and understanding.

The goal of this Bilingual Spanish Legal Terminology Workshop is to provide innovative Spanish language instruction for busy professionals who do not have the additional time during the week to be enrolled in a full academic program but need to keep their language skills fresh and knowledge updated.