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SIF Language School, LLC (Spanish is Fun, LLC) Policies


You are registering for a Group Class, which means that you have 1 class a week for 90 minutes for 12 or 8 consecutive weeks. If you miss a class, there are no make-up classes.


PAYMENT. Payment is due on the first session day of each Group Class. A $20 late payment fee applies for any payment that SIF receives after the payment due date. A $30 fee applies to each check for payment that is returned for nonpayment. There is a 3.5% SIF fee on the amount of any credit card payment that is rejected. I acknowledge that a returned check or rejected credit card payment shall not constitute timely payment for a Group Class Package. Therefore, any payment made in substitution for it shall be deemed a late payment and subject to the late payment fee. I agree to inform SIF in writing immediately in case of any change in my credit card information.

WINTER WEATHER. Winter is a season that sometimes is difficult for all of us due to the snowy conditions in Colorado. We would like to inform our students that in case of snow all classes will be taught virtually by ZOOM. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Now that we have proven that virtual classes are a viable option, we do not need to skip a week of class. In case of snow, ALL classes will become virtual.

NON RENEWAL OF GROUP CLASS PACKAGE. If I will not be enrolling in a Group Class package that immediately follows a Group Class package in which I am enrolled, I will notify with a text to SIF at 303 200 0622, and also send an email to – learning@SIFlanguageschool.com. I will do this no later than 15 consecutive calendar days prior to the end date of the then-current Group Class package in which I am enrolled. If I do not notify SIF of my non-renewal, I will be responsible for and agree to pay SIF promptly an amount equal to the session rate for one class session at the rate applicable to the then-current Group Class package in which I am enrolled. SIF values the time of our instructors, who have their schedules established according to our current calendar.

INSTRUCTORS. SIF has the right to assign and change the instructor for a Group Class package and or session without prior notice to me and shall have no liability whatsoever to me or anyone for doing so. SIF also reserves the right to add a student to a group class if, according to our judgement, the student is at the right level for that class.

SIF CANCELLATION SIF reserves the right to cancel a session and or Group Class package without any liability or obligations whatsoever to me or anyone if, in its sole discretion, it believes it is appropriate to cancel the session and or Group Class package. In the UNLIKELY event of such cancellation, SIF will refund all refundable deposits and or tuition theretofore received by it applicable to the cancelled session and or Group Class package. If there is a cancellation of a session which has already started, the student will receive a refund of the amount which corresponds to the number of classes remaining in your package.

RELEASE I hereby grant to SIF, including its members, contractors, and or its designees the non-exclusive right to take photographs of me and or the students in connection with any SIF class or event, free and clear of all claims by me or anyone else, as well as the right (a) to use my and or a student’s name, image, likeness, and biographical information about me and or a student for lawful purposes, in whole or in part or in composite, in connection with and or to advertise and promote the activities and business of SIF in all mediums of expressions now or hereafter known or developed ; (b) to edit, adapt, alter, abridge, condense, and or combine such photographs with other photographs and material by any means or methods now or hereafter known or developed; as well as to © claim and possess all right, title, and interest in and to the photographs and other material, including copyright therefor SIF may authorize others to exercise such rights.

NON-SOLICITATION. I represent and warrant that, whether individually or through another person, I will not, directly or indirectly, solicit, induce, recruit, encourage or otherwise endeavor to cause or attempt to cause any SIF employee, contractor, instructor, teacher, or consultant to terminate their relationship with SIF or to provide Spanish language instruction and or translation services directly to or for me or to or for any enrolled student, member of my family or any of my acquaintances rather than through the services of SIF without SIF’s prior written consent. In the event that I breach the foregoing, SIF shall thereafter have the right to immediately cease providing services to me and enrolled students, in such case, I shall forfeit all unapplied fees paid to SIF at that time and or the sum of $500 as SIF determines in its sole discretion.

ATTORNEY FEES. In the event that SIF retains the services of an attorney in connection with enforcing payment of amounts due from me regarding SIF class sessions, a Group Class package, or otherwise, I shall be obligated to pay SIF’s reasonable attorney fees, expert witness costs and expenses, as well as all other costs and expenses incurred directly or indirectly in connection with seeking payment including lawsuits filed for that purpose.

Acknowledgement. I have read and fully understand the meaning of all these policies. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which I hereby acknowledge, I hereby consent to and approve the terms and conditions of the above policies and I acknowledge they will be binding upon me and my legal representatives, jointly and severally.

I have read, understand, and agree to the foregoing policies and acknowledge that they are fair and reasonable.